Free ASP.NET MVC ebook Tutorial

There has been a lot of excitement in the community about the ASP.NET MVC framework. Many people already started working with ASP.NET MVC and there are many ASP.NET MVC websites to get an idea about the capabilities of ASP.NET MVC framework. In this post I have decided to share a Free ASP.NET MVC ebook tutorial covering almost all the steps of developing successful ASP.NET MVC websites. The application the tutorial builds is called "NerdDinner". It provides an easy way for people to organize, host and search for new topic-based dinners online.

The tutorial covers how to:

  • Create a database
  • Build a model with validation and business rules
  • Implement data listing/details UI on a site using Controllers and Views
  • Enable CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) data form entry
  • Use the ViewModel pattern to pass information from a Controller to a View
  • Re-use UI across a site using partials and master pages
  • Implement efficient data paging
  • Secure an application using authentication and authorization
  • Use AJAX to deliver dynamic updates
  • Use AJAX to add interactive map support
  • Perform automated unit testing (including dependency injection and mocking)

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